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5 Ways to Attract Home Buyers with Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the key to a home buyer’s sparked interest in your home.  A lot of home sellers make the mistake of thinking that once their home is listed online they will immediately start to see offers. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for most.

Whether they visit in person or online, the first thing they see is the exterior of the home, and this sets the tone for how they envision the rest of the house. A home buyer will certainly not be enticed to explore the inside of your home when the outside has already set a low standard.

5 Ways to Attract Buyers with Curb AppealProperties that look appealing online will not only have to offer clear photos, videos and descriptions but they should also present the curbside and exterior views.

Home sellers who are selling a condominium unit will need to speak with their condominium board or management if they have issues with the building’s curb appeal. These groups are responsible for grounds, street face, common spaces, etc., so home sellers should make their concerns known if they would like an area to be cleaned up.

All homeowners should be vigilant about their curb appeal and focused on even the smallest details to ensure that everything has been taken care of.

  1. Have Potential Buyer Knowledge

Home sellers are obviously most interested in individuals who will pay them the highest amount for their property, but sellers may not always be able to recognize these people. This is where home sellers can get advice from their real estate agent, to acquire buyer profiles of who they should be targeting in the market. Having this knowledge will help home sellers make decisions about curbside changes, budget for the exterior, etc.

  1. Create A Basic Canvas

All home owners decorate and organize their home according to their own preferences, styles and tastes. However, if you’re looking to bring in more potential buyers, you must offer a “clean slate” so to speak- a home that buyers can imagine decorating with their own style. If home owners don’t have an eye for this kind of design, staging teams and designers can help to refresh the look of your home with a more neutral look, which mimics luxurious properties. Combine your knowledge of the home with a qualified sales team and you can create an open canvas for potential buyers.

  1. Play it Simple and Smart

A cluttered and overgrown exterior view will not be appealing to potential home buyers. Cluttered spaces, tacky décor and garish colors may send your prospects away before they even get out of their cars. You want your home to stand out in a good way- allow it to reflect other homes in the neighborhood, but also have a little bit of its own flair. Keep gardening simple and neat, keep décor to a minimum and try to remove cars from the driveway.

5 Ways to Attract Buyers with Curb AppealPut yourself in the shoes of home buyers and imagine how you would hope the front yard of your new home would look.

  1. Keep it Clean

A property that is well-manicured with clean windows and well-kept lawns will create a very welcoming effect on buyers. Try to keep all of this up while your home is for sale- until then, continue to keep the areas looking clean and manicured.

  1. Make the Entrance Count

Once you’ve impressed buyers with curb appeal, the home should continue to impress as they approach the front door and walk into the front foyer. This first look into the home should be a testament to the home’s quality and the care that it has received from its previous owners.

Once you know what kinds of home buyers you want to attract and how you’re going to do it, you can now put your home up for sale. The ideal buyer will be interested in a home that reflects their personal visions of a “dream home”- not yours.

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