Mecklenburg County Launches Early-Education Study

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Mecklenburg County Launches Early-Education Study

The leaders of Mecklenburg County announced the launching of a two-phase study on Thursday to expand early education. This is a half a million-dollar study program that will help improve and expand early education for all children.

This study is a partnership with the Opportunity Task Force, which was approved by the Mecklenburg County commissioners. The research from this study will help improve economic mobility, which the county believes starts with youth.

Trevor Fuller – Board of County Commission Chair is hopeful that the research will bring about ideas for ways the county can begin a universal Pre-K program.

Fuller explained that “In fact the evidence shows that every dollar that we spend, that we invest in early childhood education generates at least two, as much as six or seven dollars in benefit to the community over time”.

The study will be funded by the Charlotte Executive Leadership Council for about $500,000 as an independent study.

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